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Mad Dog Mad Rush

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Incomparable Kupa Gams, speed and reaction in the ultimate battle are all in "Fat Dog Dash Forwar".
Fat Dog Harry is a loner with extraordinary skills though as well as bloated body. He walks on the roofs and the buildings every night with agility skills and a weapon looked like a ham.
Easy Operation: Only one finger can complete all operations of the game.
Moderate Difficulty: Difficulty is excessively moderate, but to insisted to the end is a task that basically impossible to finish.
[Game Play]
Game players need to take control of the Fat Dog Harry shuttling on the ridge, and sometimes also need the help of a weapon looked like a ham to swing over the wider gully by the high buildings.
You must collect gold and silver coins if you want to get high marks in the game. But the gold scores are higher than the silver scores, and the decision is made of you.
Jumpiing. Fat Dog Harry will light up when touching the screen.
Ham Rope. Touch the screen when Harry starts jumpiing, the weapon would be threw out.
Keep Sliding. After throwing out the Ham Rope, keep touching, and Harry will swing out by the
inertance of the rope.
Tumbled to the groud,release the finger of touching the screen in sliding state, and Harry will release
the Ham Rope in advance, which is very dangerous. But if controls well, you would be possible to gain
some gold coins that seems very hard to gain.

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