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Gourd7 Sisters

Colorme(Beijing)Info Tech Co.,Ltd

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Seven magic gourds, seven skilled sisters, they push ahead for gathering companions to defeat monsters. Monsters have boundless supernatural power, while gourd children express great miracles, so there are exciting fights between them. In the game, through collection of scattered gourd seeds to call companions together and beat enemies around. Each gourd girl has her own special skill. To open a new partner will not only bring you visual impact, but also use new stunts in the game, which will bring more intense excitement to the game and lightsome game experience.

*To shoot gourd seeds from below or central location, and three or more gourd seeds in the same color will disappear. To a certain extent, it will open a lotus platform, and then shoot gourd seeds in different colors to the lotus platform. After the lotus platform is covered fully, then it will win the game.

* in this game, stunts are numerous, seven gourd sisters have their own stunts separately. In addition, the game also provides them with more public skills with glorious effect.Fixed iPhone4S Bug.
add new locked level.

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