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Sprite Defense

Colorme(Beijing)Info Tech Co.,Ltd

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This is a tower defense game called -- “Sprite Defense” that is suitable for man or woman, young or aged people, who can easily get started and find fun from it.

In the game, you will command a crowd of wakeful brave plants to defense against invaders that are invading water source. These plant defense towers are in various forms, with different functions, and they match and mix with each other to form a sound defense line. Please make good use of these plants’ features to defense against monsters’ invasion!

The game operation is very simple. Only click by finger gently, it can set up your own defense line in the desired positions. Please command the defense line and enjoy the magnificent scenery that monsters are eliminated in this battle field by brilliant skills released by the plants as well as ballistic trajectory.

The game course is intense and exciting. Please exert your talent in strategy and obtain higher star rating by skillful setting!

“Elf Defense” -- Once you own it, you will get unlimited fun!1.Make perfect on a small logic problem.
2.Increased Japanese, Korean languages versions.

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