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Love Challenge

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Happiness is a kind of repeat, such as having a meal, shopping, talking together with the one you like. A worthy permanent love is to love one repeated. On the same day each year, you spend the most romantic moment together with him.

How to spend valentine's day more meaningful this year?
Rose, gifts, candlelight, all of which have become old, so why not try this uniquely designed game for valentine's day!
Love, not easy!
【Love Distance】is also not a "simple" game, which will become the most unique warm gift this year.

The first encounter, is to meet her at the corner, as if there is love message flying in the air.

The first date, as if travelling in the time, unable to tell where it is in vague feeling.

The first romance, under the starry sky, even snowflakes are dancing.

The way of love is more than that, she loves me and I love her too. We often date here.

【Love Distance】 It makes us know that growth needs persistance, especially for love.

* There are three three romantic and warm scenes in the game, rendering the atmosphere of valentine's day.
* In the process of playing the game, it tells a true love story for the player, to experience dating and separate.
* The rich and changeful levels, with gorgeous particle effect, it is fascinating and it arouses resonance.
* The best gift for her or him in this valentine's day.
* With the desire to good love, hand in hand to go through many difficulties and win a better life.

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