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God of Mentsuyu: Japanese noodle soup


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Measure by eye? No problem!
Take super-concentrated mentsuyu sauce and dilute it to just the right level by blending with water!
This skill might even come in handy in your daily life! (Maybe...)

=== How to play ===
★ When the game begins, water will start pouring into a jar of thick, concentrated soup base.
★ Tap the glowing button at the bottom of the screen to stop the water.
★ Use timing and reflexes to stop the water at the right point: for 2x concentrated sauce, dilute the water by double. For 3x concentrated, dilute it by three times.

Mentsuyu is a Japanese condiment made from soup stock, soy sauce, and other ingredients. It is used in different dishes by diluting it with water to the desired thickness.

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