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Crazy Estate


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- iPhone Retina ( iPhone4,iPhone4s,iTouch4 ) Support!
- iPad (iPad1,iPad2) Support!
- iPad Retina (The new iPad) Support!

Crazy Estate is a casual BOARD game, game development takes half a year, Game idea comes from real estate business in real world, they use low-buy and high-sell to earn great amount of money. In this game, players also need to use this principle to make money.

The game contains over 70 levels, 60 different types of houses. And every house will have their respective characteristics. In addition to different price, they also has other kinds such as fast-growing house, long-lasting house, and house with better price space. All this makes the game more random and challenging.

At the same time, as the game goes on, there will be different level requirement, including:
- " make money! " to earn enough money within limited time.
- " Takeover! " take over as many houses as you can within limited time
- "the specified takeover! " take over appointed houses within limited time
- " city upgrade! " upgrade as many houses as possible to level N within limited time
- " make fortune for me! " only take over the houses I wanted to make money within limited time
- " upgrade at my will! " Upgrade the houses I wanted within limited time
- " insane " take over as many houses as possible and have them all upgrade to level N within limited time

Rich content and play mode keep game players fresh during the game.

This game uses a leisure delightful style, simple to play, is perfect choice for relaxing or killing time.

Buy it now, more scenario and level, will be updated to the game.

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