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“ We believe traditional TD games are getting boring, placing towers first and then simply sit back and wait involves no strategy or action.

We believe GAMEPLAY COMES FIRST and everyone enjoys beautiful graphics.

And by adding so many features like you've never seen before in other defense games, we are desperate to make one of the best TDs in App Store, for a TD fan like you and ourselves. ”

E.R.A.---A TD game that is beyond your imagination! A piece of art!

★★★If you are unable to continue Campaign, please reinstall the game or wait for the upcoming update, which is waiting for approval now. Our sincere apologies.★★★

★★★★★ Key Features ★★★★★

【40 Levels! Including both Fixed-Path and Open-Field maps】, with an epic finale in Campaign mode!
--Battles begin in [Dark Forest] on planets of G581, and continue all the way through to the [Glacial], and finally reach the CORE of relentless enemies, a total of *7 series*, and NOT one boring fight!

【A staggering variety of 100 Enemies!】, 30 unique of them with their own skills that you've never seen before on a TD game.
--Including 8 Space Ships and Submarine, and secret creatures to be discovered!

【6 Boss】, and one more 【Ultimate Mega-Boss】
--Intense Boss fights, and remember, it’s not only defense anymore Commander!

【10 Forces】, with 8 advanced abilities.
--A variety of types with solid upgrading, and each has special ability (to be unlocked) that will significantly help you fight against all sorts of enemies.

【3 Heroes】, with 8 Abilities, 3 Special Skills
--Teleport Hero wherever you want, and use abilities to control the battle. Hero levels up and unlocks more and more seriously powerful abilities when you progress through Campaign.

【3 Modes】, including the “Endless” challenge!
--3 Difficulty available for Campaign, or you can play a certain level in Quickplay at 3 difficulty. A variety of gameplay and heaps of fun.
--The most challenging Endless mode enables you to compete with players from all over the world through Game Center leaderboard.

【35 Achievements + E.R.A. Wiki】
--Heaps of interesting achievements and background stories for you to check out, plus over 40 tips and hints designed to help you become an expert in no time.

【More Features On Their Way】
--You can enjoy the game thoroughly without having to buy any IAPs, they are only designed to enable quick access to level-up or Special Skills. And the best of all, we are constantly adding new cool features such as new Endless maps and enemies!

So, Commander, best of luck and we surely hope you enjoy this journey!

****** Storyline Overview ******

“They have finally come to planet Earth for help. As the chosen one, Commander, you have travelled 20 light years to start Project [E.R.A.] on July 20, 2068, on G581 -- the red dwarf star in the constellation Libra.

Everything is at stake, everyone is counting on you, and yet every creature on the planets of G581 is staring at you, waiting for a chance to destroy the Energy Source and thus eliminate the entire Nunaanki Civilization. So, Commander, do you have what it takes to be the Hero? ”

◆◆◆ CRITICAL BUG FIXED, PLEASE UPDATE IMMEDIATELY! Please select New Game in Campaign to continue Campaign progress. ◆◆◆
√ Intrinsic Energy earned for completing a level: INCREASED;
√ Intrinsic Energy required to unlock Force Abilities and Hero Skills: REDUCED by 40%, Yay ;)
√ Difficulty re-balanced, oh yes, still fun and challenging!

◆ If you are unable to continue a certain level, please choose to restart such level due to the change of difficulty.

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