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Popcorn Machine

FInger Fantasy Studio

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Popcorn, pop up fun
Popcorn game, best time killer!
Do you like popcorn?
Wanna make popcorn by yourself?
Here is your platform!
Popcorn is a newly-designed, intellective and funny game, aiming to help you kill all your boring time.
 Blast Mode -- not just a techie game, but also a riddle one.
Come on now and rack your minds if you want to make all corns into popcorn. It’s not that easier than you think. Once you change the status of corns or popcorn, others nearby will be changed accordingly. Less hits to finish a task, more scores you will get. So, be thoughtful. 99 levels are waiting for your challenging.
 Catch Mode
Unlucky, popcorn machine error pops up suddenly. All corns and popcorn begin to fall. Boss is getting furious; and you, have to catch all popcorn to ease his anger. Remember, only catch popcorn, avoid corns. Once more than 3 corns caught, you are dead. Be careful!
How to play
* Hits corn/popcorn, their status will exchange. So do others nearby. Less hits to finish a task, more scores you will get
* Scores if catching popcorn; Dies if catching more than 3 corns.
Enjoy this Popcorn game, and share it with your friends!
Keywords: game, popcorn, corn, popcorn game, funny game, intelligible game

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