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Original_street boy

Street Boy

FInger Fantasy Studio

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Street boy, challenge your responsibility
High speed, high feeling
Dare to challenge X-sports?
Wanna try Parkour yourself?
Here is your platform!
Street boy, a stimulating and exciting game with cool style, is available for all running game fans now! It’s also a wonderful time killer. Try it with your friends, and compete with each other!
How to play
* Tap right screen, you can jump to avoid obstacle;
* Tap left screen, you can fall down to slip down the obstacle;
* Longer press will keep you jump for a longer time,of course,that will be a challenge.
* Glaring and cool street style;
* 3 different characters, 3 different speed experiences;
* Plus the leaderboard,you can compete with your friends and other players through the openfeint worldwide.
Running in this graffiti street, you, as a street boy, need to use your prompt response capability to avoid all obstacles. So, you can run further and further.
What are you waiting for? Run, now!
Recommended for fans of "Line Runner",” “Temple Run”, "Doddle Jump", "Zombie Dash", "Free Runner", "Mega Jump", "I Must Run! FREE", "Running Fighter", "Ninja Run"
Enjoy Street Boy and share it with your friends!

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