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** Block dropping puzzle game reinvented for touch screen **
Prompt in the upper left corner of the screen that says “Draw.” That’s where it gets interesting, because that’s just what you do. Whatever piece shows up in the corner is then drawn onto the grid, facing whatever way you please, using your device’s touchscreen.

The goal is to combine the pieces to make an at least 3 x 3 rectangle and rack up points before the clock grinds down to a halt. When you finish a rectangle it vanishes, it leaves an outline of the created rectangle that is the cover you’ve gained. You can build inside of this outline you created to make more rectangle, but doing so actually grants more points and a points multiplier. Anywhere on the board there’s an open space, you simply draw the piece in any orientation you need.

You’ll need to cover the board with at least half of your rectangles to unlock next one.

Once you cover 100% of the board it will take you to a next stage with bigger score bonuses and faster gameplay.

Three modes are offered: time attack, zen mode (no time limit), and hunger mode (extra time is only given for making rectangles).

When the board does not fit on screen you can scroll the board using two finger touch gesture.

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