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Kung Pow Granny

Bluefir Media

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No buttons! Just tilt your device to eliminate threats like in the game Tilt to Live. In Kung Pow Granny, players assume the identity of a Grandmaster Granny with mad Kung Fu skills. Granny is engaged in a lethal battle against the Reapers, Ghosty, and Rocky.

The soul of Kung Fu master Bruce Lee is infused in you and Granny - fight to kill or be killed, a virtual Game of Death!

Stash Items add impact in the fight of good vs. evil. Game players can unleash a huge fire storm to burn hundreds of Reapers into ashes! Generate chain lighting to kill a sea of enemies! Hurl Granny’s canes or boot to knock out the bad guys who dare to harass a little poor old lady!

Rocket Shoes speed up Granny on her way to whip up a magical maelstrom. Tathagata Palm is a Chinese Kung Fu killing machine sure to strike fear in the enemies’ hearts. Quick Revive lets Granny come back to life and continue to fight.

Kung Pow Granny is best played on Ipod Touch 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3.

★More than 20 unique Stash Items
★Collect coins and buy items
★Easy To Learn, Tough To Master
★Pick It Up Fast, Put It Down Slow
★Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements
★3 Distinct Arenas
★5 Threats: Reapers, Rocky, Big Red, Pumpkin Glue, & Ghosty
★Fast and Furious Action
★Killer Weapons Control
★Smooth Moving Tilt Control
★Game Center Leaderboards
★Post High Scores on Twitter and Facebook
★Excellent Graphics, Effects, and Music

Game Play Coin Collection Automatically Gets You Cool Stash Items

Also available: Select & Purchase Coin Packs To Obtain Even More Cool Stash Items, More Than 20 In All!

Great Game Players Magic Book Unlocks All Stash Items ImmediatelyThank you for all reviews, we appreciate every opinion!

Bug fixes
1. Crush on iPhone 4s, iTouch 4
2. 70,000 Coins Package bug fixed on Stash page
3. Crash while clicking Replay button before the Leaderboards scores display
4. White screen for some devices
5. Achievements bugs, gameplay doesn’t match the display
6. Incorrect display when sharing high scores with twitter

For the next update, we will add new features below:
1. New maps and skills
2. New background music

New Feature
1. New Icon
2. Daliy rewards

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