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The Lost Palace


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★☆Play game, earn stones!☆★

★From 10th Oct to 15th Oct, one legend stone will be rewarded as long as you login The Lost Palace. Do not miss the chance! Please check your mail for rewards.

Note: Only one stone is rewarded per day.


In the Bronze Age, a time of the first disaster in the history of mankind, man had yet to discover even iron. We used bronze weapons, lived in bronze houses, and sowed the fields with bronze tools. And bronze was our downfall. The scarcity of bronze aroused the darker aspects of humanity: we grew brutish and cruel in our struggle for bronze. We knew only war, killing each other and using every means to tear down our fellow man. In this time, man ate only the flesh of animals, and scorned what grew in the fields and forest. We created wars and fought over resources.

There was a son of a leader of a tribe of men. He held a map—a map that lead the way to a corner of the earth where the mysterious, ancient city—Ophir—lay covered in secrets. Tales of the legendary Ophir told of its unimaginable wealth: mountains and plains of gold, a land littered with precious gems. Only gold would stop the wars. This youth decided to go forth, travel the world, find and explore the lost palace: this city long forgotten by time.

This game uses a graduated system of levels. In each dungeon, you will encounter every shape and form of monster. Use your exceptional skills and logic to rid your path of these monsters, one by one. If you’re lucky, you can even capture them and use them for your own purposes.

Note: This game requires an internet connection; please make sure you have a working internet connection to play.

Enjoy these features:
- Revolutionary twist combining match-3 puzzle-solving and RPG elements
-Over 200 strange and exciting monsters!
-Mysterious figures of legend and myth will appear in the extreme-level dungeons.
- Tons of awesome in-game events
-High level of interaction: play with your friends for victory!Fix a terrible bug

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