Since 2010, cocos2d-x has been used to build thousands of games, running on phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs. Here are just a sample of the awesome games and apps made by cocos2d-x. Do you have an app you want to showcase? Tell us about it.


Frog Leaps


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Frog Leaps is platformer game about super frog, which is not just a jumps, it make big leaps!

Game inspired by a plastic frog toy - You press it, release, and it jumps. In this game it just quite simple, press on frog, drag it down, arrow then show direction and strength of jump, release finger and frog will jump! Slide Your finger on screen space to panning.

In first version of game You will find some strong platforms, some quite broken, somewhere grows dangerous cactus. Next level pack will include moving platforms and dangerous wasp. Help Frog to make it journey in 36 different levels through green fields, peaceful hills, mysterious Stonehenge and gorgeous Egypt pyramids.

Be careful - it can be very addictive!

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