Since 2010, cocos2d-x has been used to build thousands of games, running on phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs. Here are just a sample of the awesome games and apps made by cocos2d-x. Do you have an app you want to showcase? Tell us about it.





CONTROLS: Click or touch to jump and boost!

Your robot's ability to fly changes as you collect fuel orbs. Both the game mechanics and your play style has to evolve as you progress through the level. Just click or tap to jump!

PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE WITH LOADING: Some browsers just show a black screen on loading rather than the loader. If you see a black rectangle, give it a minute.


HTML5 using Cocos2D HTML5 alpha

Adobe CS4

Tiled Map Editor:


Web Browser

Tested in latest build of Firefox, Chrome and IE9 - Works on iOS but has framerate issues. Not tested on Android or other platforms that aren't listed.


The main goal with my first Ludum Dare was to make my first HTML5 game.

My second goal was to explore the Cocos2D HTML5 alpha. It's looking awesome! If the JS binding to Android and iPhone works out well, I think this might be the best way to make cross-platform games in the near future.

My third goal was to incorporate music in a cool way. I wanted the player to make choices that determined the music and changed the play environment. That didn't happen due to my JS skills being so-so and my 1yo girl being too cute to ignore all weekend :)

I really wanted this to be playable on iPad, but my iPad2 is having performace issues. May be okay on iPad3, not sure.

ART: I can't draw, but spent too much of my time trying :)

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