Since 2010, cocos2d-x has been used to build thousands of games, running on phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs. Here are just a sample of the awesome games and apps made by cocos2d-x. Do you have an app you want to showcase? Tell us about it.


hazard balloon


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Take part at the most hazardous sky adventure ever. You would be able to guide a hot air balloon by blowing it using the angry clouds. The main goal is to collect all the sand bags, in order to come back on the ground. You will have to face many challenges and a lot of obstacles will slow you down. Avoid collision with the nasty zeppelin because you will be thrown away, lightning will vaporize you and the greedy tornado will suck you in. Solve each level by using as few clouds as possible in order to reach the maximum score points. Playing the game is incredibly easy and a funny way of spending your time. Just tap on the cloud and it will start blowing, moving your balloon in the desired direction.


- Original, innovative and intuitive puzzle game.
- Accurate physics by using Box2d as engine.
- Lots of distinct obstacles with different behaviors.
- HD and Retina Display.

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