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Tinboy Joyride

Sergio AbrahamMartinez Rodriguez


Run Tinboy, Run!!
TINBOY is the first robot designed to perform domestic duties by the Defcon Studio Corporation, he has escaped to the outer world.
He usually does housework at the Studio with great precision and care. He also likes to clean dishes, cook, gardening and several other family projects...
The only problem with him is his desire to run free into nature. He is even such a naturalist, that he only uses vegetable oil...
His main power source are red ball-shaped containers which provide him the energy to travel around the world.
Help Tinboy escape from the hands of the evil developers who created this game for your pleasure.
Run Tinboy, Run!! as fast and far as you can, before we put you back into the office for our HR manager to put you at work.
Enjoy this joyride Tin Boy, we will get you back into the kitchen soooooon!
★ Easy and intuitive gameplay
★ Pretty graphics!
★ 60 levels divided across 3 sectors
★ 8 powerups
★ Immersive music and 3D graphics
★ Achievements & Cross platform world ranking

Good luck, Tin Boy. You'll need it out there.

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