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Demon Air Strike

Chill Game Studio

Original_飞空战记2 Original_飞空战记3


- 最爽快刺激的射击游戏!
- 多款魔法助你斩妖除魔!
- 提升修为成长为真正的勇者!
- 多款法器陪你征战
- 八大关三个层次的历练令你大呼过瘾!

In the sacred year of 385, a group of devil worshippers unlocked the gates of hell and unleashed the Devil and his minions, the Seven Devil Generals. They wreaked havoc and destruction on the planet, bringing the planet on the brink of
apocalypse. After Carter and Liz's blissful life and happy home was destroyed, they embarked on a mission for revenge and swore to destroy the Devil at all costs.
- The most exhilarating shooting game!
Go deep into the evil territories, pass through deserts, and withstand the Devil Army’s storm of bullets. Use magical items and weapons to destroy your enemies!
- Many types of magical spells to aid you
Defeat enemies to obtain different spell books that will you gain magical items, specialty skills, and even forbidden
- Improve your skills to become a true warrior.
As you defeat your enemies, your character's skills and strengths will grow. Improve your character's skills before
challenging the Devils to a duel!
- Many magical items to use during battle.
You can purchase potions at the Magic Shop to increase your skills and aid you in passing your obstacles.
- Complete 8 exhilarating obstacles and 3 levels that are guaranteed to keep you hooked!
Protagonists will need to give it all they've got to in order to get through obstacles and to defeat strong and sneaky
enemies. There are three different levels of difficulty and will be enjoyable for everyone from amateurs to those with
Come and start your adventures at "Demon Air Strike!"

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