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Birds Defense - Eggs Protection!


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APP introduction
Birds defence! The great innovation of traditional tower defense game! Create a new era of tower defense game!
All the wonderful in your palm!
A very high quality flash game, and different from any a tower defense game before, allows you to experiense a new level of ultimate tower defense game!
Angry bird angry, why? Because the Swine team never stop trying to steal their eggs, the patient is very limited, so angry! To protect the eggs, launched the struggle between Swine Team. Each bird has its own ability, with different weapons, will produce different attacks, click on the little bird, drag the map, use your wisdom and command, constantly trying to steal eggs from Swine Team, performed on porcine squad sniper.
Combine with strategy, educational and other fun factors to a terminal tower defense game--"bird defensive warfare"
**The game features**
1:Public recognition of the background story, and the bird's different abilities.
2:selectable weapons and equipment, and increase more in the subsequent.
3:Using birds of different capacities, with different weapons and complete defense!
4:Different collocations have different effects, and by upgrading to strengthen the effect!
5:2 kinds of special weapons,, will make your journey become more out of the ordinary! And increase more in the subsequent.
6:30 battle maps, And increase more in the subsequent.
7:Gorgeous pictures and many wonderful effects!
8:Variety of different properties, different abilities of the monsters and BOSS!
9:5 different terrains,And increase more in the subsequent.
10:Super upgraded props.
11:Increasing the initial resources, provide you with more initial support.
12:Increased bird ability, let you more powerful!

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