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Touch shapes before they are out of sight.

Watch out for the dark and the spiky red ones, as they are not exactly finger friendly. They can cost you points and lives.

Pick up weapons and use the in right time to help you destroy shapes and save you lives.

Be accurate in aiming and you will receive bonus points. Don't miss and you will receive huge combo points.

Use multiple fingers. You will be rewarded with bonus points when multiple shapes are destroyed at the same time.

Sounds simple enough?


• simple and challenging tap-to-destroy gameplay
• game features 30 levels across 3 worlds, where first 6 levels in world 1 are free
• 9 unique weapons
• 24 shape drones and 30 mother-shapes
• universal app, support for native iPhone, iPod and iPad (normal, retina 3.5 inch, retina 4.0 inch and iPad retina) screen resolutions

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