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Ball Popper


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Ball Popper is a match-3 style game where you must fling balls up and clear the board. Match 3 or more balls of the same color to clear them.

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What people are saying about Ball Popper:

★★★★★ "Absolutely addicting. Great lay out and different pattern. Love the colors and the music." - Frogs for fun

★★★★★ "Great game! - A good implementation of this style of game, which has been getting good frequent updates." - VykS

★★★★★ "Fun times - My husband tells me get off my phone, but no its funnnnnnn." - JJLADY

★★★★★ "Fun, Simple, and Addicting! - Good solid controls and create your own level makes replay endless. Great app!!!" - Jsyi_33


-120 levels of fun!
-Earn up to 3 stars on each level, try to earn all stars!
-Earn a time bonus for completing the level quickly.
-Score extra points by hitting the point multipliers!
-Special bomb ball allows you to blow up nearby balls.
-Earn achievements with Game Center and compare your stats on the leaderboards.

-Play an endless game of waves that get faster and faster as you progress.
-Pop 5 or more balls to earn a bomb ball. Touch the bomb icon once it's been awarded to activate it. Use them at critical times to get out of trouble.
-See how long you can last and compare yourself against your friends on the leaderboard!

-Play real-time multiplayer with a friend or random opponent over Edge, 3G, or wifi.
-Win the match by clearing your board first, or by outlasting your failed opponent.
-Drop balls off your board and onto your opponents board
-Before each match select one of four different abilities to help you defeat your opponent.

-Make up to 20 of your own levels with the level creator.NEW! Now supports themes! Click the palette icon on the main menu to access the themes option.

NEW! Holiday theme added. Turn ball popper into a winter wonderland!

Tap the next ball in queue to swap it with the active ball! ( works on all phone models now )

Added option to set left handed mode. This moves the ball queue position to the other side of the screen so left handed players can easily see it. ( works on all phone models now )

-Various bug fixes

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