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Domino Runner


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Tap the screen in time with the oncoming markers!
Keep the chain of tumbling dominos going!
A brand new style of gameplay: seems like a rhythm game, but in fact, it ain’t!

=== How to play ===

(1) Rules
★ Watch for the incoming flashing markers!
★ When a marker hits dead center on the DROP button, tap the screen to place a red domino. (You can tap anywhere you like)
★ Keep adding red dominos to make an unbroken chain!

★ When you miss placement, a MIRACLE will occasionally occur and bring you back from failure.
 The runner’s level seems to have something to do with MIRACLE frequency…! Collect lots of COOL! ratings to level up!
(3) Avatars
★ Create your very own avatar and nickname!
★ Connect over the Internet to compete against other players’ scores!
★ Aim for a 100-game streak!
※ If no Internet connection is available, you’ll face off against computer rivals.

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