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Gang Geng

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UU Art Repository - Contemporary Chinese Painters Exhibition.

UU Art Repository is an App which focuses on the exhibition of original works of contemporary Chinese painter. It is produced by UU Art Repository ( UU Art Repository - painter works online exhibitions and sales platform). If you are interested in painting or art, you can enjoy, collection, sharing, and even online purchase / lease your favorite works. Here, you can also directly discuss with these artist.

If you are an artist, dreams to show your works to the world, then please join our UU Art Repository, we will help you achieve your dreams;

****** Features ********
1, Massive works, enjoy in one App;
Many types of Chinese contemporary art works to demonstrate: painting, ink painting, printmaking, propylene, gouache, watercolor, comprehensive materials, the creative arts, sculpture, calligraphy and so on.

2, Dozens of contemporary Chinese painter, online exchanges:
Friends like painting can face these Chinese contemporary artists, online communication. UU Art Repository also maintains several painters and art works continued to join speed. Users can continue to enjoy latest works.

3, Support users online Share / purchase / lease their favorite paintings:
The art works can be purchased online, support Alipay online pay, to ensure the interests of consumers. Replacement of buy works, the best way is to lease, low consumption, multiple paintings rotation replacement, you spend one work price and enjoy more works;

4, Who want to realize their own painting dreams, quickly joining UU Art Repository.
If you have works or collectibles, want to show the world, then please join our UU Art Repository, we will help you achieve your dreams. (For details, please visit the UU Art Repository web site: http://uuhuaku.cloudfoundry . com)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us:

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