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Jump Ferdinand!


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In remote antiquity, human ancestors migrated and escaped from the harsh nature environment, and created a new era of human history. The background of the game was an episode of the Great Migration, a naughty boy, Ferdinand, fell behind because of fun, and had to persue his the migratory group by footprints.
However, Ferdinand was blocked by water when he hurried to catch up the migratory group. Please help Ferdinand by placing the props.

*The props will drop down after placing, different props have different effects to Ferdinand, and consume SP. Ferdinand could jump, slide or fly.
*Keep away from the poison veins which drop down from the sky or grow up from the water, or Ferdinand will be hurt.
*The ham, dinosaur eggs and stars will supplement the HP and SP.

The distinctive play will bring you new experience. Pick up your phone, and help Ferdinand jump further.

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