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Duro Race


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The historic coin machine now on your Android phone or tablet. Carries the coin to its target in the shortest time possible. Improve your own record.

With 4 difficulty levels: Beginner, Easy, Medium and DURO. The speed of the coin and its control becomes more difficult when level increase. It is necessary pass the current level before level increase.

Different stages:
1. Initiation. For novices, practice and play with the orientation.
2. Classic. The legendary circuit of coin machine.
3. Selva. New obstacles that hinder the way of coin to the shelter.
4. Space. The coin invades the invaders machine, destroys the invaders.

Race Mode allows you to boost your coin and control it through an additional button. In Race Mode Press the Race buttons to control and accelerate the coin, and reduces the time needed to reach the target. You can also play using the standard mode disabling the Race Mode, and control the coin simply rotating your phone or tablet.

New stages available soon.

Coins available:
2. Spanish World Cup coin
3. Quarter of the U.S. Dollar
4. Argentine Peso
5. 100 Japanese Yen
6. 10 Yuan Chinese.

Soon new coins to play your game.

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