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Never before seen triangle action puzzle game bringing you a new game experience!
No game like it! Fast action, bright lights and colorful effects!
Who has what it takes to get the highest score!

*For iPhone 4 and later models.

How To Play
[1] To Rotate the triangles, tap on the triangular plate.
[2] When the plates rotate, the colored lines will rotate with it.
[3] Once all sides of the plates consist of the same color, the triangle is deleted giving you points!
[4] Obtain the highest score within the time limits of the game.
[5] Challenge higher levels with higher degree of difficulty and show off your techniques!

Delete randomly appearing items for higher points!
[Bomb] Deleting the bomb item will change the color of the surrounding line to the same color.
[Shock] Delete the shock item and it will turn all of the same colored lines on the map to a different color.
[Life] Life item adds additional time to your timer prolonging game play.

Items and scores increase massively during Supertime!
It only lasts for a limited time so take this opportunity to gain huge points!- Made adjustments to the rate of score count up.
- Fixed ability to share on Twitter/Facebook.
- Made adjustments to the degree of difficulty of stages.

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