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Mancala AS


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Mancala is the African oldest board game in the world. Now you can play it on your Android mobile or tablet. It is also know as Congkak in Malaysia and as Kalah in some countries.
Rules are pretty simple: capture the most marbles.
The game teaches you basic and rules via tutorial mode. If you also ready know the rules then just go straight to Play mode.
Get your brain working to this awesome mathematical puzzle.
Features: -
1. Stunningly beautiful graphics
2. Training Mode – to understand the basics
3. Play against AI – Easy, Medium and Hard Level
4. Two Player mode – to play with friends

New Features Added:-
1. Save settings permanently
2. Choose 1st turn from settings - Alternate/ 1st Player always/ 2nd Player always/ Random
3. Choose number of marbles to play - 3/4/5/6
4. Improved AI - it is tough to defeat AI now.
5. Stats available now: Games Won / Games Lost / Games Played / Games Draw
6. Earn stars to unlock new difficulty levels
More exciting features in progress.

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