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Hand-painted Artists

Aura Marker Studio


=== Was recommended by China AppStore after 5 days of release,in the 4th of Education New Recommended App ( from January 26th to now) ===

Finger Painter is a painting application for preschool children at 3-7 years old, and it is carefully designed and developed by Aura Marker Studio. This application aims at rousing children's interest of painting, enlightening children's aesthetic and artistic accomplishments, as well as guiding their creativity think.
Different from other painting applications, we provides innovative and intuitive operations to make children enjoy the finger painting process, as they can control the thickness of the brush by finger touch directly, just like painting on a real canvas.
As children learn from observation and imitation, we also carefully selected and made suitable example painting works for kids to learn step by step. We also developed innovative painting works playback technology to help children enjoy painting, and most importantly, help them to observe, and learn how to paint well.

To encourage children's initiative, we have designed and created imitation assessment and feedback technology to encourage children in time. There will be surprises that your child may probably get a fine sticker, which can be used for more special painting.

Parents, of course, can create some painting work together with your children, and re-enjoy a happy creation time using the painting playback. Parents can also share their children's creation with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Sina weibo.

Main features of Finger Painter:
- Intuitive painting by finger touch with controlling the thickness of the brush;
- Providing more than 30+ wonderful painting works;
- Painting works can be playback and stopped at any step;
- Draw from example painting works and get the evaluation feedback;
- Can play back painting process;
- 9 kinds of carefully picked color;
- Can erase painting color;
- Friendly human-machine interface, completely intuitive and quasi-physical interaction experience
- Seven kinds of fabulous stickers
- No advertisement;
- Parents can share their children’s creation with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Sina weibo;

Aura Marker Studio is a mobile applications studio, dedicated in design and developing innovative mobile applications. We believe that, to merge design, technology, and game elements into the education and creation is the best way to enlighten the children's interest!

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