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Ragdoll Charlie


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Reach for the skies and beyond, for Free!

Help Charlie rescue his ragdoll buddies in Ragdoll Charlie, an amazing flying and physics based game that features an addicting coin collection system that makes you play non-stop!

Sling ragdoll Charlie up to activate his rocket boots and make him shoot up like a jet! Maneuver him as you boost into the sky by tilting your device left and right, making sure to pop as many bubbles as you can! Pop enough of them to rescue Charlie's friends, but watch out for meteorites, sticky spinners, and chasing birds that will get in your way!

Collect diamond coins to purchase exciting power-ups like the coin magnet and invincibility, or awesome new suits like the robot and superhero outfits! Featuring amazing graphics and sound, hilarious rag doll physics, and challenging gameplay that's easy to pick up yet very rewarding, you'll be flinging Charlie into the sky for hours on end...for FREE!

Key Features:
-Addicting physics-based gameplay with simple controls!
-Charming characters and backgrounds set in beautiful graphics!
-Plenty of cool power-ups and suits to use and wear!
-Fun yet challenging obstacles to keep you on your toes!
-Addicting coin collection system that makes you play non-stop!
-No need to jump, flying can be as cool as jumping
-Game Center support!

Download now, for free!

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