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7th Heavens


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Get to know little Cloudy-Moudy, he lives at 7th Heavens!
Let’s play with him and his friends. Little clouds like to play games very much. Would like to see?
Tap the sun!
They pretend to be a various animals. So, guess, who they are? Cloudy-Moudy will help you.
Clouds like hiding, try to catch them. Bratty clouds chasing the rocket, let’s guide it.
Do you know math? You can test your knowledge with Cloudy-Moudy. You can create your own cloud. Clouds sometimes have a bad mood and they make a thunder!
Adventures with Cloudy-Moudy is waiting for you!

It is funny and bright game for toddlers. Just follow the guideline before each level.
If you win with best results, three suns will smile you and new level will be opened.
You can switch on/off sounds in main menu.

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