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Let's Hop


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Ever since hatching from his egg, Baby Billy Chicken has looked up at the sky - dreaming of the day he can reach the moon and touch the stars. Follow Baby Billy's adventure as he tries to hop, skip and jump his way through different landscapes and into the clouds. On the way, help him discover new animals and collect the powerups that can help him eventually reach the stars.

Let's Hop! is a fun adventure game that is suitable for all ages. It's simple to learn, but difficult to master!

+ Colourful retro graphics and character designs
+ Simple tilt and play interface
+ Collectable items to help you jump higher and reach new levels
+ Suitable for players of all ages

How to play:
+ Tilt the device in the direction you want to jump
+ Avoid falling past the bottom of the screen
+ Avoid hostile animals and aliens
+ Collect the different food items and stars to boost your score and jump higher
+ Double jump by tapping on the screen once after collecting foods

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