A trip from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5 (book + source code)



What’s in this book: The start - Porting an ios game to html5 .Introduction to cocos2d-html5 .Why html5 ?


2.Tools and knowledge A summary onwhat we need for each step
.A checklist of the what we need
3.Basic stuffs Porting to cocos2d-html5
.Comparison between cocos2d-iphone against cocos2d-html5
.On porting CallFunc to cocos2d-html5
.On porting Array and Dictionary to cocos2dhtml5

4.Special stuffs - Porting to cocos2d-html5
.On “function” in cocos2d-html5
.On Singleton in cocos2d-html5
.On Delegate in cocos2d-html5
.On Timer in cocos2d-html5
.On NSSelectorFromString in cocos2d-html5
.On block in cocos2d-html5

5.Time for cocosbuilder One tool two versions
.Introduction to cocosbuilder
.Comparison between cocos2d-iphone againstcocos2d-html5 using cocosbuilder
6.Watch out for trapswhat we should notoverlook when using cocosbuilder
.All kinds of traps

7.cocosbuilder in-depth - MVC in cocos2dhtml5
.Watch out for the dynamic feature in javascript
.MVC (View) in cocosbuilder + cocos2d-html5
.MVC (Controller) in cocosbuilder + cocos2dhtml5

8.Play with cocos2d-html5 - Various IDE and debug tools
.IDE for development - Jetbrains WebStrom
.Setting up a local server
.Co-debug our game in LAN
.Quick debug - notepad + Google chrome
.Debug offline on ipad - textastic + firebug

9.Time for release Pack your game with ant
.Using ant to pack your game
.Code modification
10.Play with the world Using Parse forLeaderboard in cocos2d-html5
.Introduction to Parse
.Getting start with Parse
.Using Parse to load/save data
.On Querying and Sorting data
.Using anonymous function with asynchronousParse API

11.Welcome twitter Using web intents totweet in game
.Introduction to twitter web intents
.The usage of twitter web intents
12.Welcome heroku Prepare for Facebook release
.Introduction to heroku
.Installing heroku
.Using heroku with git command
.Deploying the game as php app

13.Welcome Facebook - Connect our game to Facebook
.Prepare for connecting with Facebook
.Authorization with Facebook
.Playing with Dialogs in Facebook
.Decorate our game page

14.Welcome SinaAppEngine Prepare forSina Weibo release
.Introduction to Sina App Engine
.Sina App Engine code management
.Deploying the game as php app
15.Welcome Sina WeiboConnect our game to Sina Weibo
.Prepare for connecting with Sina Weibo
.Authorization with Sina Weibo
.Playing with Weibo publisher

16.My site my game - Embedding the game into our site
.Embedding game in a post

17.The magic of HTML5 - Embedding the game into iBook
.Changing our game to widget

18.The destination - Looking back the trip

besides the book, the demo code, game code and artwork are all free to download, if you’re intrested you can get it here:


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