UFO RUN Multiplayer Race - Open Source game

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UFO RUN - An Open source, Online, real-time, cross-platform (iOS & Android), multiplayer game for smartphones and tablets


UFO RUN for iOS, Android and Amazon is a complete, open source, multiplayer game we developed in-house for demonstration purposes. In the game, players compete against each other to reach the finish line first. During the race, players can attack their opponents and use various power-ups in order to beat their rivals. All of this is done in real-time which creates a really exciting gaming experience.

You can reskin the game to create your own version of it. In addition, we wrote a comprehensive tutorial ( which explains how to develop the game and its multiplayer functionalities. You can use it to learn how to integrate the multiplayer functionalities of UFO RUN into your own game. On top of that, the classes in UFO Run are generic and can be reused in any game. For more information, see our blog post (

Try the game:

A screenshot from UFO RUN


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