A C++ bridge to the Java Google Play Games Services SDK and Apple's Game Center for cocos2d-X.


GameSharing is a C++ Wrapper for Google Play Games and Game Center, that is made for cocos2d-x.
These features are available:

  • Submit scores to leaderboards
  • Show leaderboards
  • Unlock achievements
  • Show achievements
  • Display Game Center/Google Play Games UI

Why use GameSharing?

1.Usability:No need for platform specific coding

GameSharing has an easy to use api, that doesn't differ on iOS and Android, so once you have integrated it into your project you can keep writing one source code without worrying about platform specific differences. Unless you want to add your own feature to GameSharing you won't need to write any Objective-c++ or java code at all.

2.Easy to extend

GameSharing is extremely easy to extend, as long as you know how to program directly for iOS/Android you can add any feature you want in minutes.

3.Open Source

If you want to change something in the source code or just know how GameSharing works under the hood, that is not a problem because all source code of GameSharing is available on Github.

4.Free for commercial use

You can use GameSharing in any project you want to without paying anything to me. GameSharing is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and can be used free of charge.

5.Cross platform

GameSharing is implemented for Android and iOS, but your project can still be compiled for any other platforms, GameSharing just won't have any effect.


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