Bitmap Font Generator

Thumb_bitmap font generator
  • Name:Bitmap Font Generator
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  • Last Update:2013-04-08
  • Compatible with:
  • Platform:IOS, Android
  • API Language:C++
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  • Company: Angelcode


This program will allow you to generate bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts. The application generates both image files and character



Support for complete Unicode 5.1 character set, as well as 8 bit OEM character sets
Optimal use of texture space, i.e. as little unused area as possible
Support for kerning pairs
Easy to use file format, either normal text file or xml files. Binary format is available for those that prefer that
8bit or 32bit texture output (TGA, PNG, and DDS files)
Option for packing 4 layers of font images into 1 32bit texture. Needs special shader to render with, but saves a lot of memory
Anti-aliasing, both through Windows native font smoothing and super sampling
Configurable padding and spacing between characters
Select characters from text file, supports both UTF8 and UTF16 encoded files
Generate bitmap font from command line
Import colored images as characters, supports: bmp, jpg, tga, dds, png
Optional outline to font characters
Optional packing of characters with outline into 1 channel. Needs special shader to unpack during rendering, but saves a lot of memory
Use TrueType fonts directly from the file without installing them first
Tutorials & Resources

Here are a few tutorials/demos that show how to render text with bitmap fonts generated by BMFont.

Bitmap Fonts by Andreas J?sson
Bitmap Fonts by Chad Vernon
Quick tutorial: Variable width bitmap fonts by Promit
BMFont OpenGL Implementation by legolas558
bmfont BlitzMax module by Mike Wiering
C# XML serializer for font loading by DeadlyDan


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