he Cocos2D Engine to produce menus, game scenes, and levels.


What is the Scene Designer?

The Scene Designer allows you build levels for your game. SceneDesigner is an open-source project that can be used with the Cocos2D Engine to produce menus, game scenes, and levels. It is pretty similar to CocosBuilder, and was developed from CocoShop, an earlier project from the same developer. It supports copy and paste, drag and drop, drag to resize nodes, and other features. Although it is still in beta, any problems/issues can be posted on the github repository to be fixed in the next update.

Task Bar

The topmost area of the Scene Designer lets you switch between different areas of the Scene Designer.

**Scene is the actual scene editing area.
**Behaviors allow you to manage the Scene Behaviors you have attached to this scene.
**Events lets you manage the Events you’ve attached to this scene.
**Physics allows you to adjust the physics settings for this scene, such as gravity.
**Background lets you manage both Backgrounds and Foregrounds.
**Properties allows you to set your scene’s size, the background color and name.


The toolbox controls which tools are currently active.

**Tools Group
**Select Tool
**Pencil Tool
**Fill Tool
Scene Bounds Group
**Add Column
**Add Row
**Remove Column
**Remove Row
Scene Objects Group (double-click to select box/circle/poly)
**Add Joint
**Add Region
**Add Custom Terrain
**Zoom In/Out

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