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Cocoshop is a tiny, easy to use visual editor for Cocos2D-iPhone Engine, that can be used for designing menus, game scenes and even levels.



In cocoshop you edit a node. Currently it supports background and sprites.
You can change the size of the node, change it’s background color & opacity.
You can add sprites by drag&drop them to the main window, or by clicking ‘Add Sprite’ toolbar item.

Sprites have unique names, that you will use to distinguish individual sprites in your application code.
Sprites can be positioned/scaled/rotated with mouse, keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures and the Sprite Info Window.

How to use Cocoshop

Prepare your sprites images. It’s better to have csd and sprites in one folder.
Launch cocoshop, set stage size, background color&opacity in Info Window.
Drag&Drop your sprites to the Cocoshop’s main window.
After editing - save csd file and import folder with csd & sprites to your project.
Import CSDReader.h, CSDReader.m, CSDElement.h, CSDElement.m to your project (located in ‘CSDReader’ folder)
Load csd file & setup your node with CSDReader

    CSDReader *csd = [CSDReader readerWithFile:@"example1.csd"];
    CCNode *aNode = [csd newNode];  
    [self addChild: aNode];  

Note: Take a look at CSExample1.xcodeproj in this repo’s root for more info about using CSDReader & CSDElement’s


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