Glyph Designer



The #1 bitmap font editor designed for Mac!



Command Line - NEW!
Use GDCL to read in a project and generate the output right from the command line. Add a few arguments to change the font size, font substitution and bounds outline

Choose from any of fonts of your system or import any font file. Glyph Designer fully supports the common OTF & TTF file formats.

Add an outer, centered or inner stroke with a solid color or gradient. Refine the stoke by changing properties like it’s width, mitre or join.

Easily apply internal or external shadows to any text

Use a Solid color / Gradient or Image to fill each glyph.

Glyph Designer knows how to read the font’s kerning tables, producing beautifully positioned text

Texture Size
Glyph Designer will automatically resize the texture to fit the rendered glyphs in the smallest size, saving you loads of wasted texture space

Live Preview
Get a feel for how your text will look when it’s running in your game. You can even drop on a background image and zoom in using trackpad gestures.

Preview View Export
Export your styled text from the live preview to a transparent PNG for use on websites/documents etc

The output specification is BMFont. You can export to either text, LUA, XML.

Super Accurate Font Metrics
All glyphs are rendered perfectly with super accurate precision.

Vector Paths
Glyph Designer uses bezier paths throughout the whole rendering process ensuring the text is always crystal clear.

Supported Frameworks

You can use Glyph Designer to design fonts for almost any framework. Some of the more popular frameworks include Cocos 2D, Sparrow, Starling, Corona, Pixelwave and MOAI.


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