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Honghaier Game Tool is dedicating to establish a set of specialized Cocos2d-X game development solutions.


Honghaier Game Tool is developed by the blogger “Honghaier”, who is dedicating to establish a set of specialized Cocos2d-X game development solutions,such as providing Jigsaw/Cut figure,Frame animation/Skeletal animation, Particle Effects, Interface Editor,Scene Editor,Font Editor,and more diversity function in the process tool chain.
Operation system:Windows XP,Win 7,Win 8
Required the system to support the DX9 version above
Features include:
· puzzle the images in catalogue and export PLIST
· change-over the specified image and export PLIST
· edit the fixed frame interval animation and export PLIST
· edit the unfixed frame interval animation and export PLIST
· edit skeletal animation and export PLIST,set up Skeletal system,picture binding bone,animation binding bone,particle system binding bone.It can bind in the code through the corresponding support data base,and can realize the reloading.
· edit particle system and export PLIST
· manage the roles of multiple classifications
· edit layered scene,put the image,animation,particle system in optional place,set the image,animation,particle system at any layer based on the grid, and set collisions on the basis of the object.
· edit word pattern of FNT and PNG and export, enter the words to show from txt,doc,docx,support various shadow colours, stroke, mask figure effects,and insert a packer image include some small images with font pixel info to make FNT.

QQ group for the toolkit user discussion: 20970366

P.S. The follow-up functions will open to the public gradually.Persons who participate in communication and submit BUG report, please pay attention to the official BBS dedicated section as follow,

运行系统:windows XP,win7,win8






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