Add Social Networking capabilities to your games created via Cocos2d-x without duplicating code.


EziSocial is a powerful social networking plugin designed for Cocos2D-X platform to meet the social networking capabilities required in a game. The tool is written in Java, Objective-C and C++. EziSocial plugin uses common development code for both Android and iOS Cocos2D-x project. So, there is no duplicity of code and you need not to worry about portability issue at all.

Supported Platforms

EziSocial is developed on top of Cocos2d-x platform. Base version are supported as supported by Cocos2d-x except for iOS.

Android – v2.2 and above
iOS – v5.0 and above_ (we haven’t tested over lower versions)_


EziSocial Plugin supports many features of Facebook and allows users to tweet, check network connectivity and to send preconfigured emails.


  1. Login via Facebook
  2. Logout from Facebook
  3. Get user details
  4. Open Facebook Page
  5. Auto check Facebook likt to your page, when user come back to your game from your page.
  6. Check Facebook like to your page anytime during the time app is running.
  7. Get the list of friends of the user who are playing your game
  8. Post message on the user’s timeline.
  9. Auto post message or achievement on user’s timeline without notifying him.
  10. Post Score – uses advance feature of Facebook Score Graph API. All scores are stored online at as per Facebook.
  11. Get high scores – fetch the scores of the friends of the user playing same game in unsorted order. You can sort it at your end.


  1. Tweet - Uses native twitter client of the device to tweet message on the user’s timeline.


  1. Internet Connection - allows you to check the internet connection anytime in the game. It also gives option to you to check that if a particular website is reachable or not.


  1. Email - Allows you to preconfigure the mail and allows game users to send the mail to you or to their friends.


EziSocial does not interfere with the Facebook account that developers tries to access. It just act as a channel to help developers for inheriting some of facebook and twitter features as listed above.


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