EziSocial let you easily integrate Facebook functions in your cocos2d-x based games.


If you have reached to this blog entry, we hope that you have already configured EziSocial Plugin for Android or iOS or both Cocos2D-x projects. In case, if you have not done it yet then please do that first.
For Android: How to use EziSocial Plugin for Android Games
For iOS: How to use EziSocial Plugin for iOS Games
Features of EziSocial Plugin
EziSocial plugin uses common development code for both Android and iOS Cocos2D-x project. So, there is no duplicity of code and you need not to worry about portability issue at all.
There are some basic features of EziSocial Plugin, we will cover them one by one in detail. In case, if you want to explore it first then you can just download the sample code, compile it and run it our your devices or emulators. Here is the download link for the demo application.



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