CocoMoon Studio



Lua IDE for Cocos2d-x Games, with scene designer, code editor, output console, texture packer and simulator. New Enhancements


Now includes: Physics Shapes, Placeholder shape, bitmap font, Maps, animations and more.
IDE to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Lua scripts. Includes scene design you can add labels, label menu items, image label items, sprite from image files and from texture atlas files, create animations from texture atlas. New layers to the scene can be added. The property grid allows to change any property to the nodes or layers.
Add folders, images, textures, lua files and sounds to the project.
All scenes are created using lua code only.
It uses Cocos2D-x 2.2.1

Code editor have lua syntax colored and Cocos2D-x classes intellisence.
A texture packer is included in the solution, can create a texture atlas or edit an existing one.
The simulator supports multi device sizes and zooming.
The application have a tool to create Android project and compile. It will require ADT Bundle.
Also project folder could be used for script and assets in Cocos2-x Projects on iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone using Lua binding.
Price reduce to 1.99 and with 50% social discount


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