Brief is a web-based tool. Generate texture atlases, animations from sprites and iOS or Android icons. Create online graphics library.



  • Texture Maps - your images + few clicks = your texture map is ready (textures atlas + code),
  • Animation Sprite Sheets - How would your work look in motion? tPacker will generate your animation from frames (textures atlas + code),
  • Icons Generator - load high res icons and tPacker would resize it for you to all formats required by App Store or Google Play Store.


  • FREE trial - 3 days you don’t need to provide any payment details,
  • it’s ONLINE - works on Windows, Mac OS, tablets, phones - whatever you want,
  • Private servers - you works are secure, all files in one place accessible anytime you want on any device you have,
  • Reduces size of your app - up to 50 %.


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