• Thumb_animatepacker-icon


    By Goldlion

    AnimatePacker is a tool to simplify the process of adding sprites into SpriteFrames for CCAnimate, running on...

  • Thumb_icon


    By SceneDesigner

    he Cocos2D Engine to produce menus, game scenes, and levels.

  • Thumb_bitmap font generator

    Bitmap Font Generator

    By Angelcode

    This program will allow you to generate bitmap fonts from TrueType fonts. The application generates both image files and...

  • Thumb_tui512


    By pengfei tong

    Tui is a game UI editer. It is a FlashCS6 extension, writen in jsfl and as3. You can edit game UI in FlashCS6 with real-time preview.

  • Thumb_tiled-icon


    By Songyuan Zhao

    A convenient tool to convert tmx from low resolution to high resolution and vise versa.

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