• Thumb_gree-600x336


    By GREE

    This tutorial teaches you how to integrate GREE SDK into your android game.

  • Thumb_amazongamecircle

    Amazon GameCircle

    By Amazon

    Amazon's official extension to cocos2d-x allowing you to quickly set up leaderboards, achievements, and Whispersync for Games.

  • Thumb_icon-controlextensions


    By Angus Comrie

    Including these controls: Scale9Sprite, ControlButton, Slider, Color...

  • Thumb_icon-tableview


    By Xiao Su

    A tableview which is composed by CCTableViewCell, CCTableView, CCScrollLayerExt and some test class. I hope someone can improve it.

  • Thumb_icon-tabview


    By michael yue

    Just share my simple CCTabView UI control.

  • Thumb_icon-fruitninja

    Blade of Fruit Ninja

    By eddy.zhang

    A FruitNinja demo based on cocos2d-x, you can slice and cut apples.

  • Thumb_upsl


    By Marat Yakupov

    upSL is a simple, cross-platform wrapper for Scoreloop functions in game developed with cocos2d-x, works on ios, android and blackberry.

  • Thumb_tui512


    By pengfei tong

    Tui is a game UI editer. It is a FlashCS6 extension, writen in jsfl and as3. You can edit game UI in FlashCS6 with real-time preview.

  • Thumb_tiled-icon


    By Songyuan Zhao

    A convenient tool to convert tmx from low resolution to high resolution and vise versa.

  • Default_asset


    By Damiano Mazzella

    C++ port of PRKit, which is a library of some small additions to cocos2d project that some people on the cocos2d forums found it useful.

  • Thumb_icon-zerogravity

    Zero gravity

    By qiu198022

    This demo shows the zero gravity effect just like AngryBirds Space, developed with cocos2dx + LevelHelper.

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