Free Google Play Codes

By gplayarena/Free Google Play Codes

Free Google Play Codes">Free Google Play Codes

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    PSN Code Generator

    By psncore/PSN Code Generator

    PSN Code Generator">PSN Code Generator

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    By tuqifuci/FreeVBucksGuide

    How to Get free V...

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    By brandentinissi

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    trends in brillen

    By Jurritvlag/trends in brillen

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    Best Supplements Pro

    By jessiamies2/Best Supplements

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    Best Supplements Pro

    By jessiamies2/Best Supplements

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    PSN Code Generator

    By auroracheats/PSN Code Generator

    PSN Code Generator">PSN Code Generator

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    By mcdvoice/McDVoice

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    2d game

    By Jurritvlag/trends in brillen

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    2d game intro

    By Jurritvlag/fotograaf enschede

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    2d animation game

    By Jurritvlag/Trends in Brillen

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    Simple and quick game design

    By Jurritvlag/alles over brillen

  • Thumb_cocos2dx_book

    핵심강좌! Cocos2d-x

    By gikimirane/이재환

    This book covers the basics of Cocos2d-x. ( Ver 3.16 )

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    Multiplayer Game Server for Node.js

    By chunho32/gamestdio

    Multiplayer Game Server for Node.js

  • Thumb_zig_preview

    Tutorial : Create Zig Zag Game using cocos2d-x c++

    By Meir_yanovich

    Create Zig Zag Game using cocos2d-x c++

  • Thumb_zig_preview

    Tutorial : Create Zig Zag Game using cocos2d-x JavaScript

    By Meir_yanovich

    This tutorial i will show you how easy it to build ZigZag game in...

  • Thumb_ggame


    By Meir_yanovich

    I done it to teach my kids how to read they took the pictures and done the letters sounds they where part of the process of making the...

  • Thumb_pcgcgd

    Procedural Content Generation for C++ Game Development

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Get to know techniques and approaches to procedurally generate game content in C++ using Simple and Fast Multimedia...

  • Thumb_i2722

    C++ Game Development Cookbook

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Over 90 recipes to get you creating modern, fast, and high-quality games with C++

  • Thumb_8199os_2492_opengl game development by example

    OpenGL Game Development By Example

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Design and code your own 2D and 3D games efficiently using OpenGL and C++

  • Thumb_8852os_4198_cocos2d-x by example (update)_0

    Cocos2d-X by Example Beginner's Guide

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    With Cocos2d-x you don’t have to be a programming whiz to be a genius at game design. This tutorial will help unleash your inner creativity

  • Thumb_flurry-logo

    Flurry Wrapper

    By Di Wu

    C++ wrapper of Flurry for Cocos2d-x, supports android and iOS.

  • Thumb_chartboostlogo

    Chartboost wrapper

    By wenbin wang

    A C++ wrapper of Chartboost for cocos2d-x. Currently supports Android and iOS.

  • Thumb_cover-3d

    실전! Cocos2d-x 3.x 게임 프로그래밍

    By JinRyul Kim

    인기 모바일 게임인 독도방위사령부 게임을 만드는 일련의 과정을 따라하는 것만으로도 cocos2d-x 3.0의 핵심...

  • Thumb_51kycnq3myl

    Advanced Cocos2d-x game development tutorial: the making of Fishing Joy

    By MaShuo

    Using Fishing Joy as a case study, this book explores all aspects of Cocos2d-x features and characteristics.(Chinese Edition)

  • Thumb_koreabook

    만들면서 배우는 Cocos2d x 멀티 플랫폼 게임 프로그래밍 퍼즐 슈팅

    By 노재현 저

    저자소개 노재현 저자 : 노재현 저자 노재현은 어렸을 때부터 컴퓨터를 접하게 된 덕에 프로그래밍을 오랫동안

  • Thumb_l

    시작하세요! Cocos2d-x 프로그래밍

    By 이재환

    Cocos2d-x로 멀티플랫폼 게임 개발에 입문한다! 윈도우와 맥 환경에서 이뤄지는 아이폰, 안드로이드 게임 프로그래

  • Thumb_51jtldylkbl


    By 松浦 晃洋 (著), 齊藤 建二 (著), 古木 映治


  • Thumb_kbook2

    Cocos2d-x Perfect Paperback

    By Roger Engelbert

    Cocos2d-x Perfect Paperback

  • Thumb_images


    By Code and Web

    PhysicsEditor is an editor for collision polygons for physics engines like box2d or...

  • Thumb_370x270

    Scut Game Server Framework

    By Jianfeng Zou/Scut Game

    Scut is a free, open source, stable game server framework, which support C#/Python script.

  • Thumb_untitled-1


    By YuLei Liao/

    quick-cocos2d-x is a quick framework, based cocos2d-x. Make mobile games in Lua.

  • Thumb_park

    Parkour Game Starter Kit

    By Ityran

    Parkour is a popular game genre. This starter kit equips you with the tools and skills you need to create a well polished and fun Parkour...

  • Thumb_3236os_3749_ cocos2d cross-platform game development cookbook - second edition

    Cocos2d Cross-Platform Game Development Cookbook - Second Edition

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Develop games for iOS and Android using Cocos2d with the aid of over 70 step-by-step...

  • Thumb_realtime-logo

    Pub/Sub client for Realtime Messaging

    By realtime_framework/

    Send and receive data between devices using the Realtime Messaging.

  • Thumb_4757os_0561_coco2d-x cookbook

    Cocos2d-x Cookbook

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Over 50 hands-on recipes to help you efficiently administer and maintain your games with Cocos2d-x

  • Thumb_icon


    By Charmy/CharmySoft

    Arkaflow is a cross-platform action game that is challenging and fun.

  • Thumb_7863os_cov

    Cocos2d-x Game Development Essentials

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Create iOS and Android games from scratch using Cocos2d-x.

  • Thumb_0144os_cocos2d 3

    Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Harness the power of Cocos2D to create your own stunning and engaging games for iOS

  • Thumb_7887os_b00558_mockupcover_normal

    Cocos2d Game Development Blueprints

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Design, develop, and create your own successful iOS games using the Cocos2d game...

  • Thumb_6718os_3788_mastering cocos2d cross platform game development

    Mastering Cocos2d Game Development

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Mastering Cocos2d Game...

  • Thumb_0327os_mockupcover_normal_0

    Cocos2D Game Development Essentials

    By slackmoehrle/Packt Publishing

    Bring your mobile game ideas to life with...

  • Thumb_cocos helper

    Sonar Cocos Helper

    By SonarSystems/Sonar Systems

    Sonar Cocos Helper is designed to help simply the process of implementing external frameworks. We understand that it is a laborious and...

  • Thumb_5265os_cocos2d-x game development blueprints

    Cocos2d-x Game Development Blueprints

    By karanseq

    Build a plethora of games for various genres using one of the most powerful game engines, Cocos2d-x

  • Thumb_gamethrive_icon


    By Kasten/GameThrive

    GameThrive is now OneSignal. Please update to OneSignal to stay up to date with the latest plugin updates.

  • Thumb_ic_launcher


    By OneSignal/OneSignal

    OneSignal is an easy and smart push notification service for mobile and browser apps. Sign up now at

  • Thumb_screenshot 2015-04-06 16

    UFO RUN Multiplayer Race - Open Source game

    By shaimagz/Nextpeer

    UFO RUN - An Open source, Online, real-time, cross-platform (iOS & Android), multiplayer game for smartphones and tablets

  • Thumb_fblogo

    AdTapsy mediation

    By AdTapsy/AdTapsy

    AdTapsy is interstitial focused ad network mediation compatible with Admob, Inmobi, Charboost, RevMob, Applovin, Vungle and...

  • Thumb_np_logo_icon_250x250


    By shaimagz/Nextpeer

    Nextpeer is a cross platform multiplayer SDK for both iOS and Android.

  • Thumb_bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 12


    By joemanaco/Intermediaware

    Avalon provides various extension, helpers, libraries, classes, templates & functions on top of cocos2d-x. It should speed up cross-platform

  • Thumb_61wrjf82xsl

    開発のプロが教える Cocos2d-x逆引きガイドブック

    By 加島 拓 (著), 加藤 直人 (著), 木村 信行 (著), 小林 伸隆 (著), 清水 友晶 (著), 鶴田 亮 (著), 西田 寛輔 (著), 藤田 泰生 (著), 松浦 晃洋 (著), 八反田 智和(HatchUp) (編集)


  • Thumb_unnamed

    Turbo Race

    By cpinan

    Source code of my game:

  • Thumb_qq20150104-2@2x


    By ElvisQin/电子工业出版社


  • Thumb_61b28tfhukl

    cocos2d-xではじめるスマートフォンゲーム開発 [cocos2d-x Ver.3対応]

    By 三木 康暉

    ゲーム開発の基本や設計からcocos2d-x Ver.3から利用可能になった新しいコーディングテクニック、リファレンスカ

  • Thumb_613fevjwg2l

    Cocos2d-xスマートフォン2Dゲーム開発講座(Cocos2d-x 3対応)

    By 株式会社TKS2


  • Thumb_c++卷

    《Cocos2d-x实战 C++卷》

    By 智捷教育/智捷课堂


  • Thumb_particles_256x256

    Particles - Cocos2d Emitter Designer

    By tunabelly/Tunabelly Software

    Create professional Cocos2d particle emitters for iOS and OS X.

  • Thumb_s5


    By sincntx

    artshow is dynamic artshow application by cocos2d-js. It supports cross-browser and cross-platform.

  • Default_asset

    kbengine-cocos2dx demo

    By cnsoft

    KBEngine cocos2dx demo is tech demo of how cocos2dx work with KBEngine which is An open source MMOG server engine .

  • Thumb_游视秀logo


    By Merlin/Youshixiu

    LuyouSDK is a free SDK for both Android and iOS that offers the function which players can record and share their gameplay videos.

  • Thumb_gamesharinglogo


    By dwd314159265/Adrian Dawid

    A C++ bridge to the Java Google Play Games Services SDK and Apple's Game Center for cocos2d-X.

  • Default_asset


    By kencoder

    A Test driven Framework for cocos2d-x 3.0; Ease to make Visual Unit Tests, such as UI building blocks, animation demo, ...

  • Thumb_tech-google-play-games-1

    Cocos2dx Google Play Game Services

    By cpinan/Home

    Template to use Google Play Game Services on Cocos2d-x 2.1.X for Android and IOS: Leaderboards,...

  • Thumb_logo


    By kbengine/kbengine

    An open source MMOG server engine, Support(Unity3D, OGRE, Cocos2dx, HTML5, etc.)

  • Thumb_unnamed

    Make it Rain: Love of Money

    By DavidMarsh/juego

    Make it Rain: Love of money cocos2d-x game source code in cocos2d-x for sale.

  • Thumb_icon-144

    EffectNodes for cocos2dx

    By wantnon/chukong

    special effects for cocos2dx (cocos2dx特效集合)

  • Thumb_korean book

    Cocos2d-x programming (Korean edition)

    By Lee Jaehwan

    Cocos2d-x programming (Korean edition)

  • Thumb_lwf-logo

    LWF - Lightweight SWF

    By Kazuki Sakamoto/GREE, Inc.

    LWF (Lightweight SWF) is an open-source framework for importing Adobe Flash animations into Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-html5, Unity, UIKit, and...

  • Thumb_kamcord-270


    By kamcord/Kamcord

    Kamcord is a free SDK for iOS (and soon Android) that lets players record and share their gameplay videos.

  • Thumb_itunesartwork


    By KleMiX

    iTileMaps is powerfull tile map creation tool. No need to change anything in your game because it uses popular tmx file format.

  • Thumb_豌豆荚截图20140427212314

    Piano Tiles For Cocos2d-JS

    By touchsnow

    A Piano Tiles kind of demo made in JavaScript,base on Cocos2d-html5,Develop by CocosEditor, Runs on Android, iOS,Html5 & PC.

  • Thumb_豌豆荚截图20140302023945

    FlappyBird For Cocos2d-JS

    By touchsnow

    A FlappyBird kind of demo made in JavaScript,base on Cocos2d-html5,Develop by CocosEditor, Runs on Android, iOS,Html5 & PC.

  • Thumb_kindle2

    Cocos2d-Js Make A Mobile Game in 2 Days

    By codejacks/ElloInc

    Cocos2d-Js Make A Mobile Game in 2 Days - A Book that emphasizes on development cycle of a complete Infinite Runner game step by...

  • Thumb_豌豆荚截图20140407132338

    2048 for cocos2d-js

    By touchsnow

    A 2048 kind of demo made in JavaScript,base on Cocos2d-html5,Develop by CocosEditor, Runs on Android, iOS,Html5 & PC.

  • Thumb_qq截图20140329202607

    Fruit Ninja For Cocos2d-JS

    By touchsnow/touchsnow

    A Fruit Ninja kind of demo made in JavaScript,base on Cocos2d-html5,Develop by CocosEditor, Runs on Android, iOS,Html5 & PC.

  • Thumb_豌豆荚截图20140312110713


    By touchsnow/touchsnow

    A PopStar kind of demo made in JavaScript,base on Cocos2d-html5,Develop by CocosEditor, Runs on Android, iOS,Html5 & PC.

  • Thumb_moga-icon

    MOGA Controller

    By Handler

    Enable the MOGA Controller in your iOS and Android Cocos2DX Games.

  • Thumb_cocoseditor微信


    By yuanyouli/ Shanghai YiJun Network Info Technologies Inc.

    IntelliJ IDEA plugin to create multi platform Cocos2d-x games using Javascript or Lua Script.

  • Thumb_ic_launcher


    By zzycami/OiteBoys

    个人游戏开发小组OiteBoys为了学习游戏制作和cocos2d-x而仿制的flappy bird cocos2d-x 3.0beta2版的C++源代码。

  • Thumb_111111111

    A trip from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5 (book + source code)

    By SuperSu

    What’s in this book: The start - Porting an ios game to html5 .Introduction to cocos2d-html5 .Why html5 ?

  • Thumb_1-shendahai


    By 沈大海


  • Thumb_logo-app-next


    By carmelzim/appnext

    appnext is a leading monetization and discovery platform for mobile & social apps.

  • Default_asset

    Game Spice

    By Venelin Valkov

    FREE gamification service and social integration (Facebook) for cocos2d-x with some...

  • Thumb_l

    Cocos2d-x 게임 프로그래밍 : 강의로 완성하는 크로스 플랫폼의 정석

    By Donggi Hahm/프리렉(freelec)

    이 책은 Cocos2d-x라는 이름에서도 알 수 있듯이 크로스 플랫폼 게임을 만들고자 하는 이를 대상으로 집필되었다....

  • Thumb_marbel map

    Marble Map

    By 9miao


  • Thumb_tiled

    Tiled Map Editor

    By Tiled Map Editor

    Tile map is built to be easy to use, yet flexible enough to work with Cocos2D-x, whether your game is an RPG, platformer or Breakout clone.

  • Thumb_logo_x270

    GAF Animation Player

    By Gaf Media/GAF Media

    Generic Animation Format enables creating complex animations in Flash CS and converting them into an open format ready for use in Cocos2d-x.

  • Thumb_1(1)


    By Chen GangQiang/ZhangTao Inc

    ShareSDK is a service gives mobile apps sharing capabilities in minutes.

  • Default_asset


    By ma lu

    Better cocos2d-x, widgets, utilities, animation tools, database, json,...

  • Thumb_cocomoons64

    CocoMoon Studio

    By Sam Mejias/Sam's Apps

    Lua IDE for Cocos2d-x Games, with scene designer, code editor, output console, texture packer and simulator. New...

  • Thumb_texturepacker

    Texture Packer

    By Code and Web

    This article will show you, in an easy and fast way, to incorporate sprite sheets to your game projects based on Cocos2D-X.

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