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Typo error in platform/android/CCEGLView.h

Bug #1372 [Closed]
zhangxm 2012-07-02 01:56 . Updated over 6 years ago

include “platform/android/CCPlatFormMacros.h” -> include “”platform/android/CCPlatformMacros.h"

MilesLuo 2012-07-05 09:38

Minggo Zhang wrote:

include “platform/android/CCPlatFormMacros.h” -> include “”platform/android/CCPlatformMacros.h"
in file cocos2d-2.0-rc2-x-2.0.1/cocos2dx/platform/android/CCEGLView.h
#include “platform/CCPlat*F*ormMacros.h”
should be
#include “platform/CCPlat*f*ormMacros.h”

dumganhar 2012-07-09 01:55

Since CCPlatformMacros.h has been included in CCGeometry.h, I think this line (“platform/android/CCPlatformMacros.h”) can be removed.

dumganhar 2012-07-09 13:40
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Applied in changeset commit:2c0fcf29304e32fa65fc6053946e0f145c1b17b1.

zhangxm 2012-07-10 09:39
  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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Start date:2012-07-02
Due date:
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Target version:cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2

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