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EventListeners can't be removed sometimes

Bug #3106 [Closed]
dumganhar 2013-11-02 14:04 . Updated about 5 years ago

Need adding new test for this issue.

    auto item3 = MenuItemFont::create("Click Me 3", [=](Object* sender){
        auto listener = EventListenerTouchOneByOne::create();
        listener->onTouchBegan = [](Touch* touch, Event* event) -> bool{
            CCASSERT(false, "Should not come here!");  // This callback should not be invoked, since the listener was removed after it was added.
            return true;

        _eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithFixedPriority(listener, -1);

dumganhar 2013-11-02 14:13
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Applied in changeset commit:0171bb55a20316dbdbdc36ac01dc68bc4928ac43.

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Start date:2013-11-02
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Target version:3.0-alpha1

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