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Set particle visible to false then set to true cause crashes.

Bug #4573 [Closed]
boyu0 2014-03-27 04:06 . Updated over 4 years ago

Add these code to any Particle Demo:
schedule(schedule_selector(DemoFlower::test), 2.0f);
void DemoFlower::test(float delta)

Crash at ParticleSystemQuad::draw:
CCASSERT( _particleIdx == _particleCount, "Abnormal error in particle quad");

boyu0 2014-03-31 09:01
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Applied in changeset commit:b676b4df05cc01a0afa2935a86a21cf43b9c4908.

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Start date:2014-03-27
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Target version:3.0-rc1

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