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Rotation of wheel get jerk in firefox, whereas it smoothly rotates in chrome

Bug #4604 [New]
RashiNema 2014-03-29 12:38

I have added wheel sprite and apply easing in it but whemn i run in firefox it get jerk whereas when i run in chrome it rotates smoothly

heres my code

var rotateToA = cc.RotateBy.create(6, 500); //wheel rotation action
var rotateEase = cc.EaseSineOut.create(rotateToA); //apply easing to rotation

var finish = cc.CallFunc.create(this.scoreCounter, this); //callback function called when rotation gets completed
var seq = cc.Sequence.create(rotateEase, finish); //sequence of action
wheelSprite.runAction(seq); //perform action

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Start date:2014-03-29
Due date:2014-03-30
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