cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.11.0 release

By zhangxm Posted 2012-01-13 03:01 Comments 6


Primary features

  • support Blackberry Playbook
  • use RTTI
  • make marmalade port more stable (Thanks to Giovanni Zito & Francis Styck’s contribution[]()

    h3. New documents

    h3. Changelog

    • blackberry ** Feature #907: support Blackberry Playbook. Thanks to BlackBerry engineers' contribution)
  • all platforms

    • Bug #752: fix a bug that enable and disable touch more times in touch handler callback function may cause memory leak
    • Bug #911: fix a bug that TextureCache::addUIImage() cannot create texture when key is null
    • Bug #920: export export functions in CCAffineTransform with CC_DLL
    • Bug #922: make CCTexture2D::setPVRImagesHavePremultipliedAlpha() to be a static function
    • Bug #926: fix a crash caused by RTTI when running TouchesTest
    • Bug #936: fix a bug that touch menu item may crash when selector is null
    • Feature #892: use RTTI to simplify the codes
    • Feature #903: add touch index for CCTouch
    • Refactor #934: add ‘isEqual’ function for CCString, make CCObject::isEqual to a virtual function
    • Refactor #940: use new icons and new background pictures with new logo of cocos2d-x
  • android

    • Bug #923: fix a bug that CCTextureCache::addImageAsync() crashes when a game enters foreground from background
    • Bug #906: remove unneeded codes in CCImage_android.cpp
    • Bug #910: fix a bug that create-android-project.bat may erase exist folder with appointed name
    • Bug #884: fix a crash error caused by CocosDenshion on android simulator
    • Bug #921: fix a bug that accelerometer axes inverted in Motorola Xoom tablet
    • Bug #928: fix a bug that 16-bit texture is changed to 32-bit after application enter foreground
    • Bug #935: fix a bug that terminateProcessJNI() invoke wrong jni function
    • Bug #937: fix a compiling error on android x86
    • Bug #941: fix a bug that volume of background music may not in [0, 1.0]
    • Feature #887: define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES = 1 automatically when compile on ndk r7
    • Feature #919: improve and
    • Refactor #924: make loading music resources thread safe
    • Document #837: Write a document describes how to use jni
    • Document #914: update document to fit android r5~r7
  • iOS

    • Bug #917: implement CCFileUtils::getFileDataFromZip()
    • Feature #893: remove cached data when receiving memory warning on iOS
  • bada

    • Bug #918: fix a compiling error after renaming airplay to marmalade
    • Bug #927: fix a crash caused by invoking unloadEffect after invoking stopEffect
    • Bug #938: fix a bug that glGenFramebuffersOES isn’t supported on wave m device
    • Bug #943: fix a bug that box2d can’t be compiled successfully on bada sdk 1.2.1
    • Refactor #904: Recreate bada 2.0 projects
  • win32

    • Bug #915: fix a bug that msvc template uses old version of .cpp files
  • linux

    • Bug #888: fix compiling error with eclipse
    • Bug #930: fix a crash caused by load jpg format files
  • marmalade

    • Refactor #908: merge marmalade to latest cocos2d-x source. Thanks to Giovanni Zito and Francis Styck’s contribution!


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